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Michelle Aurelius, MD - Top Ten

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
Life itself. As survivor with heart disease, I have experienced a few moments when I thought I would not live to see another day. Every beat of my heart reminds me that life is a gift from God and I am so grateful to be here. I have worked closely with the American Heart Association for fifteen years so that others with heart disease can also live longer healthier lives.

What is the biggest change you want to make in your life?
I want COVID-19 to no longer impact my life and the world. As a high-risk patient with heart disease and a physician who sees patients with COVID-19, I want to be free of fear taking this virus home to my family. To learn more about this disease, I have created and received grant funding for a statewide biosurveillance response team to fight COVID-19 and use that information to change the world.

What do you think is the best feeling in the world?
Family to me is a feeling. It’s an intricate combination of unconditional love, support, and adventure that get you to those many moments of bliss and help you tackle, together, the most challenging times in your life.

What was the single, best realization you have ever had?
We all have the power to change the world. As a forensic pathologist, I have the great honor to tell the stories about how and why people die to ultimately save lives. Working with national and local legislators, shaping laws, influencing policy, communicating through the media, and improving death investigation across the nation, I give a voice to these patients and create a healthier and safer world for not only for my daughter, but my community.

What sound do you love?
Power tools and heavy machinery. When I hear power tools and heavy machinery coming to life, I know right where to find my husband and 10-year-old daughter. Coming from a family of artists who work together with hands-on expression in metal, wood, and recycled objects, these sounds are all about family time, creativity, support, and love.


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